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Civil War & Preservation News

Recent news articles relating to the Civil War
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About the content on this page:

The article extracts appearing on this page are automatically fed to it from Yahoo! News via a web technology called 'rss feeds.'  Articles are 'delivered' here according to a predefined selection criteria - specifically, 'American Civil War' and 'Civil War battlefield preservation.'  Article links are dynamically updated, so you'll likely see new material here every time you visit.  (Theoretically, you could see new material here every time you click your browser's 'refresh' button.)  

Because of the imprecise nature of web searches, articles will sometimes appear here that are unrelated to the American Civil War or battlefield preservation; these articles appear here because they contain the search words used to build this page (i.e. 'American,' 'civil,' 'war,' 'battlefield,' and 'preservation.') 

You will also note that articles will often appear on this page more than once.  This happens when a syndicated article is published online by multiple newspapers or magazines.  For example, an article that originates in the Richmond Examiner one week could be published the following week by the Chicago Tribune, a week later by the Denver Post and a week after that by the Los Angeles Times.  Each new publication will cause that article to appear on this page, assuming our search finds it.

The name of the periodical publishing the article appears in parenthesis after the headline; the date under each article extract is that article's date of publication.  Click on any headline to read the full text of that article.  Click on the 'Yahoo News' headings at the top of either section to see even more articles on that subject.



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