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Roundtable Book Recommendation

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Use this form to suggest books to be included in Cleveland Civil War Roundtable's recommended reading list.  The only guidelines for submission are that the book be about the American Civil War and that you think it worthwhile.  For each book you submit, please tell us the title, author, year first published and then either a description, or better, your comments on the book.  Frankly, it is your review that the rest of us are most interested in, so please share it.

Please use this same form to submit your comments about a book already listed in our library.  We will post all comments from CCWRT members about any book on our reading list.

Please keep your comments as brief and to the point as possible.  (Though if this feature becomes popular and we need to expand the space to accommodate the opinions of our members, we will do that.)  It goes without saying that grace and civility regarding opinions you disagree with will be appreciated by all.

Lastly, please give us your name and email address, primarily so we know that the submission is coming from a CCWRT member.  Though we will post the names of all reviewers (unless you tell us not to).

When done completing the form, click the 'Submit' button.  Thank you for your suggestions.

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Validate Your Submission:

Before clicking the 'submit' button below, please validate your reservation by entering in the box to the right the validation code (less quotation marks) appearing below the box.  Note that lower and upper case matters.  This step is necessary to reduce email spam.


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