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Roundtable Dinner Cancellation Form

Use this form to cancel a previously made dinner reservation for yourself or your guests.  If you don't like filling out web forms you can also call in your cancellation to Dan Zeiser's office voice mail at 440-449-9311.  (NOTE THAT THIS IS A NEW PHONE NUMBER FROM PREVIOUS YEARS.)  Make sure your voice mail specifies the meeting you are canceling your reservation for, your name and whether you are also canceling the reservations of any guests.

Why this is necessary:

The Roundtable must pay Judson Manor for every meal reserved, not just meals consumed.  (Our relationship with Judson is as a caterer, not as a restaurant.)  If you make a reservation and then miss that meeting or fail to cancel your reservation prior to the day of the meeting, the Roundtable will be charged for your meal and we, unfortunately, must in turn charge you.

We trust that members agree that this policy is necessary in order to allow the Roundtable to apply its entire (and limited) financial resources to implementing the educational and preservation agenda of its membership.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Cleveland Civil War Roundtable
Dinner Cancellation

Meeting Date: See this season's schedule

Member Information:

Your Name
E m a i l Phone
Note: This reservation form is emailed to the CCWRT.  We use this information only to verify who you are.

Did you also make a reservation for any guests that also need to be canceled?

# of Guests

Please list the names of any guests you made reservations for.
Guest Name 1
Guest Name 2
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Validate Your Cancellation:

Before clicking the 'submit' button below, please validate your reservation by entering in the box to the right the validation code (less quotation marks) appearing below the box.  Note that lower and upper case matters.  This is necessary step to prevent email spam.



Submit Your Cancellation:

Click the 'submit' button below to complete your cancellation.

All cancellations must be made prior to the day of the meeting.  Members will be charged for any un-canceled reservations.

Thank You




The Cleveland Civil War Roundtable