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Camp Cleveland
by Dale Thomas
The Cleveland Civil War
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved

Throughout the Civil War, the Union Army maintained several muster and training camps in the Cleveland area.  The largest and most permanent of these was Camp Cleveland, located in what is now the East Tremont section of Cleveland.  

From its opening in July, 1862 until its closing in October, 1865, approximately 15,230 men trained at Camp Cleveland.  Following the end of the war, the buildings were quickly sold and by the end of 1865, Camp Cleveland was gone.

In addition to Camp Cleveland, there were five other Union camps in the Cleveland area during the war.  For the most part, these other camps were short-lived "tent camps" where just a single unit trained.

Barracks buildings at Camp Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio.
Each building was designed to hold 32 men.  


Soldiers march (foreground) and play baseball (background) on the Camp Cleveland parade grounds in front of the camp hospital.


Union Army Units Organized or Reorganized 
At Camp Cleveland July 1862 - October, 1865

1862 August 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  September 107th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    19th Battery
  October 10th Cavalry
    20th Battery
    125th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  December 6th Co. SS
1863 January 124th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    7th Co. SS
  February 5th Co. SS
  July 86th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (reorganized) 
  August 129th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  November 12th Cavalry
1864 April 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (reorganized) 
  May 150th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    164th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    169th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  October 177th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
    2nd Light Battery

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Other Union Camps In Cleveland
(mostly "tent camps" with few buildings)
Camp Taylor
Opened: April 22, 1861
Location: E. 30th & Woodlawn
Unit: 7th, 8th, 14th & 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry (total of 4,000 men)
Closed: October, 1861
Camp Brown
Opened: August, 1861
Location: Euclid & E. 40th
Unit: 37th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Closed: September, 1861
Camp Wade
Opened: August, 1861
Location: W 5th & Jefferson Ave.,
Literary Rd & W. 7th
Unit: 2nd Ohio Volunteer Calvary (mustered Oct 10th, moved to Camp Taylor Oct 21st)
Closed: October 21, 1861
Camp Wood
Opened: August 17, 1861
Location: E. 37th & Woodlawn
Unit: 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Closed: November 6, 1861
Camp Tod
Opened: Undetermined
Location: Along Woodlawn
Unit: 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Closed: December, 1861




Camp Cleveland Historic Marker Dedication

On October 11, 2003, the State of Ohio dedicated a Camp Cleveland historical marker on the site of the original Camp Cleveland.  The dedication program included speeches by William Stark and John and Chris Wipple.  The 19th OVA Reenactment Battery and the Cleveland Grays Color Guard also participated in the ceremony.  

These photos are from that dedication ceremony.  The map at right, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, identifies the location in modern Cleveland of both Camp Cleveland and the Camp Cleveland historic marker.

The Cleveland Civil War Roundtable